IT’S#ghettowordoftheday #pt2 Y’ALL!
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College is so stressful. Why do they put so much emphasis on something they make so incredibly difficult to actualize?

flowershavenosmell asked:
10 & 12 :)


10. Biggest Turn On(s)?
    These are always so hard to come up with! haha here are a few: Sense of humour, intelligence, someone with a unique laugh, interesting style. I don’t know! haha :P

12. Perfect Date Ideas?
    It definitely depends on the person. You could do something super lame, and as long as you an still enjoy yourself with them, then you’re all good(:
Personally, in an ideal situation I would want to go somewhere that would work really well for talking, like a coffee shop or something like that. Beause A, coffee, and B, you get to know each other pretty well. If you’re nervous though, it’s always good to go to a movie first because you can kind of settle down and get used to being in proximity before you have to talk:P haha

Thank you for the questions, Aisha!! (:

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